Tuesday, July 8, 2014

PM2.5 Forecast for Beijing – Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tuesday gave us better than expected air quality, and we have a good chance of staying at better than average conditions for a few more hours.  But by noon, the AQI should start to climb, and it is most likely that we will see Unhealthy readings before the day is over. 


THURSDAY, July 10:  The weather for Thursday also looks good for better than average air quality, so we could see the AQI below Unhealthy for much of the day.

FRIDAY, July 11:  Right now, it looks like our better than average air quality should stay around for Friday. 

SATURDAY, July 12:  Saturday is shaping up to be a better than average air quality day for what could be the 5th day in a row.

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