Thursday, July 3, 2014

PM2.5 Forecast for Beijing – Friday, July 4, 2014

We expected high AQI readings on Thursday, but we did not expect to see the AQI go up into the Hazardous range.  AQI readings that high are unusual for summertime in Beijing, so despite similar predicted weather conditions for Friday, we can't rule out the possibility that we will see conditions return to a more "normal" state.  Our prediction graph reflects this possibility, and it also reflects the possibility that we could see another day of much higher than usual pollution levels.


SATURDAY, July 5:  The very poor air quality could continue into Saturday morning, but we should see a return to average air quality on Saturday afternoon, likely back down to Unhealthy conditions.

SUNDAY, July 6:  Sunday should keep us at about average air quality for Beijing, so we can expect AQI readings at Unhealthy or Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups throughout the day.

MONDAY, July 7:  And Monday should be another normal day:  AQI readings at Unhealthy or Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups with the best air of the day coming in the afternoon.

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