Thursday, April 17, 2014

PM2.5 Forecast for Beijing – Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday should be yet another day with poor air quality - look for Unhealthy or Very Unhealthy conditions for the entire day.


SATURDAY, April 19: Saturday should bring us more poor air quality, probably worse than we have seen during the rest of the week.  We have a very good chance of seeing Very Unhealthy conditions, and the AQI should certainly go no lower than Unhealthy.

SUNDAY, April 20:  Sunday should start off with poor air quality, but there is some chance of clearing skies in the afternoon.  It looks like a small chance at this point, but we will see how the weather forecast develops.

MONDAY, April 21:  We could have more moderate pollution on Monday.  There's no clear trend at this point, but it looks like there is a good chance that we could have Unhealthy or better conditions for most of the day.

UPDATE – Our prediction with overlay of actual readings:


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