Wednesday, July 2, 2014

PM2.5 Forecast for Beijing – Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wednesday gave us a few moments of decent air quality, but Thursday should bring us back to more normal conditions.  We're expecting Unhealthy AQI readings throughout the day, but there is also a small chance that we could see Very Unhealthy conditions at times. 


FRIDAY, July 4:  There is a small chance of improved air quality overnight and into Friday morning, but aside from that chance, we should see another average day.

SATURDAY, July 5:  We should again see about average air quality on Saturday, likely at Unhealthy or Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups.  As usual, there is a reasonable chance that we could see somewhat improved conditions in the afternoon. 

SUNDAY, July 6:  Sunday should bring us another day of average air quality in Beijing, so we can expect AQI readings at Unhealthy or Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups throughout the day.


  1. Thank you very much for this interesting blog post. Can you tell me what the source for these forecasts? Is it from the Beijing weather bureau? I track Beijing's air pollution developments as well. Thanks.

  2. The forecasts come from weather predictions and condition reports we pull from the web, I think from a weather station at the airport. The air quality forecasts come from our pollution/weather model. I hope you find it useful!